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 Nancy English VanDyk 
Director’s Notes 


The Importance of the Arts - Why Invest In Dance lessons?


We live in a world of instant gratification, where we can press a button and a voice on the other end will tell us anything we need to know. We live in a world where everything is product oriented - the fear is that we will loose our ability to process information. How many of us drive somewhere using GPS and later have no idea how we arrived? How many of us would not know how to contact even our closest family if we lost our phone with all our contacts? How many of us would not remember who and where we were meeting if our alarm did not remind us it was time to meet. Although all of this technology is great and has its place in  our life , It is still to easy to loose our ability to get from point A to B. 

The importance of the arts to teach us to process is imperative in this world of instant gratification. In the arts we have to get gritty and dirty and go through the process. We can not merely say I want to be a dancer and in the push of a button we become one. We have to start with the basics and train our bodies and our minds. We have to do a million pliés before we move on to the harder moves, because if we do not do the work we do not get the results. It teaches us cause and effect.  As we accomplish something new we get to feel pride in that accomplishment helping us develop a higher sense of self worth.  Self worth that comes from knowing you have personally accomplished something with your own mind and body.  This self worth is not contingent on how many likes we got on our Facebook picture or how many followers we have, it is self appraised thereby allowing us to to truly feel pride in our selves.  When we enroll  our children in dance and other arts activities we are  investing in their entire being. We are giving them a creative outlet in a world where children live through the androids in their games. We are allowing them a chance to develop a true sense of self. We are  teaching them the value of hard work. Most proud moms and dads enroll their children in dance at an early age because it's cute to watch them in their little tutus prancing and twirling around the room as small tots. They are in fact investing in so much more...
As their child begins the process from a tiny tot learning to stretch his or her feet and learning to sit tall like a giraffe and fly like butterfly they are on the path to greatness. 

Why Choose Us?


AOD arts staff have been a team for many years. It began over 60 years ago with Barb English Elliott’s dream to open a studio so she could pass on her love of dance to many young people. One of the students was her daughter Nancy English VanDyk who from her first step at the age of two to her now 30 years experience is still moved by “the Dance”.

AOD Arts is a not for profit corporation whose mandate is to teacher the love and passion of dance to every student. We ensure every class is taught with heart, intelligence and works towards the process of dance. No matter the age, or level of the dancer every student is given the benefit of an amazing staff.

Nancy is now the director of AOD Arts and together with the amazing staff we provide a family atmosphere where every student is important and a part of the family. Our staff work as a team supporting each other and offering positive energy for a great working process where dance can be learned, explored and enjoyed as a family. Let us show you how much we believe in our product. Use coupon code AODArts1 to receive one free month of dance for all new students. 

Parent's Corner

Parents Corner

(Updated Packages/Schedule Coming Soon!)

The Academy of Dance is a fantastic dance studio! I have 2 girls who are both in competitive dance and the growth & knowledge they have gained since the beginning has been invaluable. We are truly like a family! We are also involved in many community events and being a business owner myself in Brantford that is something I certainly appreciate.

- Angel Jansen,P.A. Music Shop

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