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  Programs Made for All Needs  

Overview of Genres

Tots Dance Classes (princess and pirates class)

The tots dance program is specifically designed to provide children with the joy of dance and movement. Basic fundamentals are taught in four dance genres including ballet, jazz, tap and acrobatics. Children focus on strength, timing, balance, rhythm, flexibility and coordination. Age appropriate songs and activities are paired with technical training to provide a fun and exciting dance environment. Your child will not even realize they are learning! Students use many props such as wings, crowns, ribbons and wands to learn through association. This class is an amazing introduction to dance that allows students and parents a chance to really explore various dance styles before having to make a decision on one dance style.


Combinations Class
Introduction to the fundamentals of dance through ballet, jazz and acrobatics. Focusing on the fundamentals and building strength and strong bodies. This is a great class for dancers who are still unsure of which subject they would like to specialize in. 

Contemporary dance is the exploration of the total movement potential of the body. Unlike other forms of dance, it is not bound by set standards or defined styles. Instead, it seeks to express a personalized vision, often through experimentation and collaboration, in exploring new choreographic possibilities. It derives its techniques from both classical and modern dance, either updating or distorting them, resulting in a hybrid form derived from literature, architecture, visual arts, circus and other artistic disciplines. Students learn to become the dance not just learn how to dance.



A strong ballet technique will bring you to a whole new level in all dance styles.  Well executed ballet demands a lot of the student. Focus and concentration is crucial and requires a lot of patience.  Classes will focus on posture, turn-out, alignment, grace and poise.  Ballet is an excellent way to enjoy increased fitness, body awareness for performance or personal enjoyment.Ballet  classes combine both art and grace with the development of good tone, technique, and placement while following the Royal Academy of Dance technique.



The discipline of acro is becoming more popular each year. Elements from gymnastics and dance are blended together in a fun and exciting new way. Similar to a gymnastics floor routine, students will learn to combine tricks, balance work and tumbling with dance technique to create sensational artistic illusions.

Hip Hop 

Hip Hop classes are the classes where you can dance to your favourite pop music and learn all the cool dance steps from the hottest music videos. This discipline teaches the latest, most innovative and hottest urban dance techniques! Elements include proper conditioning, stretch and strengthen techniques, steps and combinations. The blend of jazz and street-style dancing has made hip hop a popular choice for dancers. Anyone can join these high-energy classes, as long as you bring some attitude and a little individual style! 



Jazz is an expressive and energetic dance discipline that combines current dance moves with popular musical trends. Students will develop the latest dance styles in these high energy and innovative classes. Age appropriate material is presented in a fun and exciting manner with an emphasis on safe and correct technical execution. Dancers explore a variety of jumps , turns and jazz dance movements from jazz curriculum. This discipline is especially enjoyed by high-energy kids, teen and adults.


Musical  Theatre

Musical Theatre is one of our most popular disciplines because it is fun, creative and very expressive. Musical Theatre combines elements of dance and drama into an enthusiastic and entertaining presentation. This program is a combination of jazz technique, dramatic games and character development. If your child loves the spotlight, this is the class to join.



Tap is the discipline where your feet make the music. Paired with popular music, students will learn to improve their timing and coordination while developing rhythmic and syncopated footwork. Students of all ages are introduced to classic tap technique and terminology. Dancers will love learning the hottest tap steps in an encouraging atmosphere. If you love to make noise with your feet, tap is the discipline for you.

 Tots  & Combinations (ages 2-7) 

Tots classes for ages 2-7 years old.

 Recreational (ages 4-18)  

Recreational classes for ages 4-18 years old.

 Competitive (ages 4-19) 
  • Award Winning Competitive classes for ages 4-19 years old

  • Acrobatics, Gymanstics, Competitive Team

  • Hip Hop, Competitive Crew

  • Pre-Competitive Team

  • Solo, Competitive, Select, Travel Team

 Adults (17+) 

Classes for Adults ages 17 and over.

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