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AOD arts staff have been a team for many years. It began over 60 years ago with Barb English Elliott’s dream to open a studio so she could pass on her love of dance to many young people. One of the students was her daughter Nancy English VanDyk who from her first step at the age of two to her now 30 years experience and a BA in Dance, still moved by “the Dance”.

AOD Arts is a not for profit corporation whose mandate is to teach the love and passion of dance to every student. We ensure every class is taught with heart, intelligence and works towards the process of dance. No matter the age, or level of the dancer every student is given the benefit of an amazing staff.


Nancy is now the director of AOD Arts and together with Amy Todd, Amy Steele, Nicole Bachellier, Michelle Banfield, Andrea Wylie-Allen & several guest instructors including Cierra Hager, Eric Oleskiw make up the AOD Arts staff. We provide a family atmosphere where every student is important and a part of the family. Our staff work as a team supporting each other and offering positive energy for a great working process where dance can be learned, explored and enjoyed as a family. Let us show you how much we believe in our product. Use coupon code AODArts1 to receive one free month of dance for all new students. 

Our Teachers

 Amy S. 
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Cece Arva Academy of Dance Arts Brantfor
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Guest Instructors


Office Staff

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