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How to Make a Proper Classical Bun


• Good quality Bristle hairbrush Comb

• Thick non slip hair elastics.

• 15-20 Hair pins( not bobby pins).

• Invisible hair net (to match colour of hair)

• Spray bottle with water Hair gel • Hairspray

To begin spray water lightly over hair,( and for exam/competition/shows also apply gel at this point to give a sleek, wisp free look) and then brush hair( including bangs) into a pony tail ensuring you are brushing underneath on nape of the neck.The position of the pony tail must be exactly in the middle of the head to ensure the bun sits in the middle of the head. (A bun that is too low does not give the flattering curve of the back of the neck.)

Once the hair is smooth and free of lumps pull the hair tightly into a thick elastic and twist the elastic three times around the ponytail to ensure a tight grip. If a loose elastic is used the hair at the nape of the neck will bulge and not lie flat and the bun will end up coming loose from the head no matter how many pins you use.

Wet the pony tail again with water, and gel if needed and twist the ponytail in the same direction and wrap the twist clockwise around the elastic. Secure with hairpins by placing one prong against the scalp and the other in the bun to secure bun to dancers head.Once the shape is held take the invisible hairnet and wrap and twist around the bun to secure any loose wisps.

Continue to insert with hairpins until the bun does not move.

The dancer should be able to sharply move head( as in spotting for multiple pirouettes) and the bun should not move.

For competition purposes now spray with hairspray all over.

When the dancer poises their head erect you should not be able to see the top of the bun when standing in front of them.

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