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Upcoming Events


2015/2016 Registration Dates


  • Tuesday August 4th

  • Wednesday August 5th

  • Tuesday August 11th

  • Wednesday August 12th

  • Tuesday August 18th

  • Wednesday August 19th

  • Tuesday August 25th

  • Wednesday August 26th 


*Registrations are from 5:30-7:30


Studio Fun Days

We are excited to announce our themes this year for our studio fun days. We encourage our dancers to take the theme, use their imagination and show us their creativity. Below are the dates and themes. Note, these themes will apply to the week listed for Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday program dancers.


  • October 6, 2015 - A Few of My Favourite Thing Days (Dancers are encouraged to bring their favourite toy, doll, car, action figure or teddy bear with them to create the ultimate audience to dance for!)

  • November 17, 2015 - Bring a Friend to Dance Day (That's right dancers, not only do you love dance but now you get to bring a friend with you to share in the fun of your class. Dancers are encouraged to bring a friend with them to try out the class with your dancer for free!)

  • December 1, 2015 - Hat Day!!! (Dancers get to come to class in their favourite hats, their craziest hats or even a hat they have made!)

  • January 19, 2016 - It Looks Like a Zoo (Don’t be fooled as dancers come to dance dressed up as their favourite animal!)

  • February 9, 2016 - Valentines Party (Get in the spirit and fun of valentines. Wear the outfit you think best represents Valentines Day. So get out those hearts, red and pink dancers and let's show the Studio our LOVE of DANCE!)

  • March 1, 2016- Disney Day! (Dancers come to class dressed up as their favourite Disney Princess or character. I hear there may be a surprise visit from a very famous Disney princess if everyone comes in costumes.)

  • April 5, 2016 - Spirit Day! (Come to dance wearing your best Academy of Dance Arts outfit. Black, Red and White are colours, now use those great imaginations and go wild!)

  • May 3, 2016 - 80's Throwback (This one is for the parents! Dress your dancers up in the best 80's outfit, yes we know you probably still have some favourites in your closet hiding, and bring them in to moonwalk time backwards!)

  • June 7, 2016 - Crazy Hair Day ( Pigtails, braids and teasing oh my!!!!!! Come to the studio with the wackiest, craziest, zaniest hair you can think of! The sky is the limit, unless you have enough hair and hairspray)

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