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Academy of Dance Arts Brantford West Bra
Academy of Dance Arts Brantford
Academy of Dance Brantford
Academy of Dance Ballet Brantford

  Professional Instruction  

  With a Personal Approach  

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Professional lessons from qualified teachers with years of experience in styles of all kinds. The Academy of Dance Arts will find a way to bring the love of dance into your life from process to product.


     We are very excited to start a new season with you here at the Academy of Dance Arts.
We have a lot of great classes and events planned for this year in our beautiful NEW facility in West Brantford. We offer classes for all ages and all levels. We believe every child should enjoy the love of dance. We believe in celebrating the uniqueness of every individual child. Our certified Staff provide warm, loving and high energy classes where students learn to process the work to achieve a final product. We offer classes in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Contemporary, Acrobatics, Hip-Hop, Theatre. 


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